Air Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner


User guides (click here to download)


How do I clean the pre-motor filter?

Cleaning the pre-motor filter

 Remove the dirt container

 Turn the lid anti-clockwise

 Remove the dirt container lid

 Remove the pre-motor filter

 Tap the filter against the side of a bin

 Rinse filter under the tap (no detergent)

 Allow 24 hours to air dry

How do I clean the dirt container?

Emptying and cleaning the dirt container

 Remove the dirt container

 Twist to remove primary separator

 Unscrew separator

 Tap the separator against the side of a bin

 Rinse the separator under the tap 

 Allow 24 hours to air dry

 Release dirt from the dirt container

 Twist the underneath of the cyclone separator

 Pull to remove and wipe to clean. Use a soft brush to remove any remaining debris

How do I clean the post-motor filter?

Cleaning the post-motor filter

 Twist the post-motor filter cover on the wheel

 Pull filter to remove

 Tap the filter against the side of a bin – DO NOT WASH

How do I clear a blockage in the hose?

Removing a blockage from the hose

 Remove the hose from the machine

 Push a wire coat hanger (or something similar) through the curved hard plastic end of the hose to remove the blockage




Air Watts


Variable Power



2.5 litres




6 metres


Anti-bacterial HEPA Media


2.5 metres

Suitable for hard floors





6 year guarantee

Other tools included

Combination floor head, crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, metal telescopic extension tube

Part number


Energy Efficiency Overall Rating

Powerful performance

310 air watts

30% more suction power than the average multi-cyclonic cylinder* for effective cleaning all around your home.

Large capacity

Less frequent emptying

Its large 2.5 litre dust capacity gives it 60% more capacity than the average multi-cyclonic cylinder*.

Compact and lightweight

Weighs only 5.6kg

As it's so compact and lightweight,  it's easy to carry around your home and  takes up less storage space.

6 year guarantee

For total peace of mind

A market leading 6 year Vax guarantee gives you complete peace of mind.

Antibacterial HEPA Media filter

Reduces bacteria and allergens

Anti-bacterial HEPA media reduces the growth of bacteria, allergens and pet related odours


Removes pet hair

Its TurboTool easily removes pet hair and is ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery and car seats.

The Vax Air Pet cylinder is part of a range of vacuum cleaners that are our most powerful compact multi-cyclonic cylinders yet. Designed in Britain, it’s light and compact with 30% more suction power and 60% more capacity than the average multi-cyclonic cylinder*, for less frequent emptying. Weighing only 5.6kg, the Air Pet is so lightweight you can carry it around your home with ease, to make cleaning your entire home a breeze.

The Air Pet cylinder is ideal for homes with pets, with an antibacterial HEPA media filter to remove dust particles, pollen and allergens, and a TurboTool for effectively removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery.

Tools also included are a combination floor head, crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool and a metal telescopic extension tube. If you need to buy spare parts and accessories, these are available directly on the Vax official website.

*Average = across top 10 selling multi-cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaners in the UK in April 2011.