Hard Floor Ultimate Steam Cleaner


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VAX Hard Floor Ultimate Steam Cleaner

How do I clear a blockage?

Clearing a blockage

 Turn off and allow time to thoroughly cool down

 Remove the pad (microfibre or coral)

 Remove any blockages by inserting a small thin object (such as a paperclip) into the hole underneath the floorhead

 Remove the floorhead by undoing the screw on the neck of the machine

 Remove the floorhead and run water through it to clear any blockages

 Remove any blockage from the neck by using the small thin object

When do I replace the filter?

Checking the filter

 Remove the clean water tank

 Remove the hard water filter

 The filter should be a beige/cream colour

 An old filter will be discoloured and darkened, this will need to be replaced




Heat-up Time

15 seconds

Water tank capacity


Solution tank capacity


Steaming Time

Up to 40 minutes



On-board Tools







2 year guarantee

Other tools included

Carpet glider, 1 x Velcro microfibre pad, 1 x coral pad, 1 x Pro clean pad, 1 x 250ml Vax solution

Part number

Kind to the environment

Specially formulated detergent

Our detergent is specially formulated to be kind to the environment.

2 year guarantee

For your peace of mind

A 2 year Vax guarantee gives you complete peace of mind.

Cleans sealed hard floors

And refreshes carpets

Ideal for cleaning tiles, lino, sealed laminate and wood floors, and refreshing carpets and rugs.

Breaks down grease and grime

Leaves floors sparkling

Steam and detergent break down stubborn grease and grime more effectively than steam alone.

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

Kills germs and bacteria

The power of steam eliminates 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria.

Steam + detergent

TwinTank technology

Combines the power of steam with gentle Vax Steam Detergent to break down stubborn grease and grime and to fill your home with freshness.

The Vax Hard Floor Ultimate Steam Cleaner combines the cleaning power of steam with our specially formulated Vax steam detergent, which aids the removal of grease as well as leaving a pleasant fragrance whilst cleaning. It's perfect for cleaning sealed hard floors including tiles, laminate, vinyl and sealed hard wood floors, and its also perfect for refreshing tired carpets. It effectively breaks down dirt and stubborn grime, with a compact scrub brush to target those tough embedded stains.

With a heat-up time of just 15 seconds, you can begin cleaning straight away, and a cleaning time of up to 40 minutes means you can clean for longer without having to stop to fill up.

Also included with the Vax Hard Floor Ultimate is a Microfibre Cleaning Pad, Coral Cleaning Pad, Pro Clean Pad and a 250ml bottle of Vax Steam Detergent. A 2 year guarantee is also included for complete peace of mind.