Vax Power 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Maintenance Top
Here is what you can do to keep your appliance performing at its best.
  • How do I clear a blockage in the hose?
    Removing a blockage from the hose

     Twist to remove the hose where it joins the machine

     Remove the hose from the opposite side and push a broom handle through to clear any blockage

  • How do I access the brushbar?
    Accessing the belt and brushbar

     Switch the machine off and unplug from the wall socket

     Remove the 5 screws underneath the machine

     Pull down the small wheel carriage and remove the sixth screw located inside the tube

     Turn the machine over, remove the height adjuster dial and lift off the cover

  • How do I clean the filters?
    Cleaning the filters

     Remove the dirt container

     Turn the lid anti-clockwise to remove and tip the dust/debris out into a bin

     Turn the filter anti-clockwise to remove from the lid and tap against the side of a bin

     Remove the pre-motor filter from underneath the dirt container and shake to remove any dust

Troubleshooting Top
All issues

  • Have you checked the suction from the motor?

    Remove the dirt container and the filter that sits directly underneath

    Switch the machine on

    Place a piece of paper over the vent located underneath the dirt container

    Suction strong?

    Go to 'Have you cleaned the filters?'


    Email us

  • Have you cleaned the filters?

    Remove the dirt container

    Remove the filter out of the dirt container and tap to get all of the dust off

    Rinse the filter under the tap (max 40 degrees, no detergent) allow at least 24 hours for it to fully air dry before placing back in the machine

    No improvement?

    Go to 'Have you checked the hose?'

  • Have you checked the hose?

    Remove the hose from the machine

    Drop a small ball of paper down the top of the hose

    Is the paper stuck?


    There is a blockage and this will need to be removed


    Complete a visual check of the hose

    Are there any splits/tears on the hose?


    A replacement hose is required, go to 'Spares' tab above


    Email us