Vax V-081 Compact Steam Cleaner

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Coming soon – please refer to the user guide.
Troubleshooting Top
  • Have you checked the machine for a blockage?

    Switch the machine off and unplug from the wall socket

    Use a small thin object (such as a paperclip) to clear any blockage from the nozzle

    Retry the machine holding the trigger in for 1 minute (or until steam appears)

    No steam?

    Go to 'Have you descaled the tank?'

  • Have you descaled the tank?

    Switch the machine off and unplug from the wall socket

    Allow time for the machine to thoroughly cool down before removing the water tank lid

    Using a descaling product, descale the tank and then retry

    No improvement?

    Go to 'Have you checked the hose?'

  • Have you checked the hose?

    Complete a visual check of the hose

    Are there any kinks/splits/tears on the hose?


    A replacement hose is required, go to 'Spares' tab above


    Email us

  • Has the water tank run dry?

    If the water tank has run dry, the safety thermal cut out may have been activated

    Leave the machine for 2 hours and try the following:

    Fill the water tank halfway

    Switch the machine on and wait for it to heat up (until the steam light comes on)

    Place your hand over the body of the machine, to see if the machine feels warm

    Machine warm?


    Email us


    Press the trigger and check to see if steam is released

    No Steam?

    Go to 'Have you checked the machine for a blockage?'

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