Vax VRS115 Mach Air Base Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Maintenance Top
Here is what you can do to keep your appliance performing at its best.
  • How do I clear a blockage around the brushbar?
    Clearing a blockage from the brushbar

     Switch the machine off and unplug from the wall socket

     Lie the machine on its front

     Cut any hair from around the brushbar

     Pull to remove any debris

  • How do I clear a blockage in the hose?
    Removing a blockage from the hose

     Remove the hose from the base

     Remove the dirt container

     Drop a ball of paper down the top of the hose. If it gets stuck there is a bloackage that needs to be removed

  • How do I clean the post-motor filter?
    Checking the post motor filter

     Remove the dirt container

     Remove the filter cover

     Lift the filter from the machine

     Check for discolouration

  • How do I clean the pre-motor filter?
    Cleaning the pre-motor filter

     Remove the dirt container

     Turn the lid anti-clockwise to remove

     Remove the pre-motor filter

     Tap the filter against the side of a bin

     Rinse filter under the tap (no detergent)

     Allow 24 hours to air dry

  • How do I clean the dirt container?
    Emptying and cleaning the dirt container

     Remove the dirt container

     Release dirt from the dirt container

     Remove the dust separator

     Use a soft brush to remove any debris

Troubleshooting Top
All issues

  • Is it a whistling noise?

    Remove the dirt container, open the bottom and clean all seals

    Replace the dirt container and retry

    Noise still present?

    Email us

  • Is there air sucking through the vent at the top of the dirt container?

    This indicates a blockage

    Go to 'No suction' for instructions on how to clear