Vax Pure Air 300 Air Purifier

Vax Pure Air 300 Air Purifier
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Here is what you can do to keep your appliance performing at its best.

How do I access the filters?

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  • Have you checked the filter?

    The filters will need replacing more often when the air purifier is used in a smoke filled or dusty environment

    We recommend replacing the HEPA filter every 3-6 months

    If a new filter is required, the filter light on the front of the machine will flash

    New filter required?

    Go to 'Spares' tab above

    No improvement?

    Go to 'Have you pressed the reset button?'

  • Have you pressed the reset button?

    If you have replaced the filter, you will also need to reset the filter cycle

    Press and hold the filter button located on the front of the machine until you hear a beep

    No improvement?

    Email us

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