How do I register?
You can register your Vax on the Vax website registrations page - click here.
How do I change my registration details?
There is no need to change your registration details as the guarantee is with your product. In the event you need to call us we will always confirm your current address.
What if my guarantee period is incorrect?
On some products we offer an extended 6 year guarantee, to exercise this option you must register your product within 3 months of purchase.
Do I need to keep my proof of purchase?
If you purchased your machine directly from us, you are automatically registered and your guarantee is activated. If you purchased from one our retail partners you will need to keep your proof of purchase until your warranty is fully validated.
How do I upload a copy of my receipt?
Step 1. If you have a paper receipt, you'll need to take a photo of it using your camera or phone, or you can scan the receipt using a scanner.
Step 2. Save the image to your computer in JPG, PNG or PDF format.
Step 3. Make sure the file size does not exceed 5MB.
NOTE: If you are using a smartphone or tablet to submit your registration, take a photo of your receipt and you can choose the image you want to upload directly from your photo album.
Step 4. Click the upload button.
Step 5. Click 'browse' and locate the saved image on your computer.
Step 6. Select the file and click 'open' to confirm your selected file.
Step 7. Your proof of purchase is now uploaded to your registration.
I don't have a camera to take a photo of my receipt, how can I complete my registration?
You can post a copy of your receipt to us at the following address:
Vax Ltd (UK)
Customer Contact Team
Pointon Way
Please ensure you only send a copy and not the original as it will not be returned to you. You will also need to include your full name and address, and machine details to allow us to complete the registration for you.
The picture I want to upload is too big, how do I reduce the size of the image?
To check the size of the file if you are using Windows, locate the picture of the receipt on your computer, right click on the file and select 'properties'.The file size is listed under the 'general' tab as highlighted below.
If you are using Windows Click here
To check the size of the file if you are using Mac, right click on the file and select 'Get Info' (Apple/Command + I). The file size is listed under the 'General' section.
If you are using Mac Click here